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Job-Art: Wissenschaftliche Jobausschreibungen

Master Thesis Position

Translational Medicine
Department of Pathology, University Clinics Salzburg


Title: NR2F1-ERα induced hsa-miR-375 promotes local relapse in breast cancer by targeting RASD1


Short description: In the course of the past decade, microRNAs (miRs) were added to the panel of predictive markers for breast cancer. These small non-coding RNAs fulfill a role in post-transcriptional gene silencing, whereby they interfere in the regulation of many pathways. In a previous analysis we could show that hsa-miR-375 is a predictor of breast cancer relapse. The current project aims at validating RASD1 and NR2F1 as two pre-identified targets of hsa-miR-375. The experiments will be performed by droplet digital PCR, which is a well-established technology in our lab.


The master thesis position is intended for 1 year, with a monthly scholarship of € 400,- for 10 months. Students holding a BSc in molecular biology, cell biology, genetics or related fields of research are requested to submit their application together with a CV to: f.zehentmayr(at)salk.at. For further information, please contact PD Dr. Franz Zehentmayr (T: 057255 58915 or the email above).


Name: Franz Zehentmayr
Telefon: 057255 58915
Fax: 057255 25797

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