BiodivERsA aims to develop mechanisms to promote lasting cooperation between its member funding agencies in the field of biodiversity research. The network faces the challenge of coordinating its members' national guidelines and practical operations across national borders. In order to do so, the member organisations' research programmes in the field of biodiversity are to be gradually opened up and united over a period of four years. In addition, partner organisations will share data on the financing of research projects related to biodiversity in developing countries. These data will form the core of a database designed to provide funding organisations throughout Europe with information on ongoing research endeavours and their financing.

Participating countries/organisations

Austria: Austrian Science Fund (FWF); Belgium: Federal Public Planning Service; Estonia: Estonian Science Foundation; France: Ministère de L'Ecologie et du Développement Durable; Germany: Project Management Agency in the German Aerospace Center; Hungary: Ministry of Environment and Water; Ireland: Environmental Protection Agency; Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research; Norway: The Research Council of Norway; European Science Foundation; Portugal: Foundation of Science and Technology; Spain: Ministry of Education and Science; Sweden: Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning; Sweden: Swedish Research Council; Sweden: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency; United Kingdom: Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; United Kingdom: Natural Environment Research Council

Role of the FWF

The FWF is the BiodivERsA network's official contact point in Austria, contributes information to the network, participates in meetings and decisions, and has organised a workshop within the network.

Status of the FWF