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Support for Scientific Publications and for Science Communication

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Target group Leaders and co-workers of all FWF projects of any discipline
Goals Grants to cover the costs of peer-reviewed publications that result from projects supported by the FWF, up to a limit of 3 years after conclusion of the project

For the publishers Wiley-Blackwell (only Wiley Open Access journals), BioMedCentral (incl. Chemistry Central, Springer Open) and American Chemical Society publication costs are directly transferred by the FWF to the publishers with no charge payable by the authors. (For the arrangements between the FWF and the publishers, see hyperlinks in publisher’s name).

For all other publishers, the publication costs are transferred by project holders to the publishers and then reimbursed by the FWF to the project holders. For this, the resources of all running FWF projects can be used:

a) Electronic application (see application information)

b) Open access: The funding of Open Access is defined as free readership rights immediately upon publication. Proceedings, collections of papers and monographs are only subsidized in cases where open access is ensured; for journals, this also refers to page charges, submission fees, illustrations, membership fees (but only if article fees are significantly reduced by a membership) and the like.

c) Peer Review I: Publications can only be subsidized if they are subjected to an international peer review procedure. For proceedings, collections and monographs, the publishing organization or publisher must submit at least two meaningful non-anonymized reviews to the FWF.

d) Peer Review II: Journal publications are considered peer-reviewed if they make use of an international editorial board which obtains external reviews in writing. In very specific subject areas, written reviews may be prepared by the editorial board. Such cases require that the editorial board is sufficiently large (at least 10 members) and that at least half of its members do not reside in Austria. The review process must be described in a transparent manner on the Web site of the publishing organization or publisher.

For the reviewers the FWF rules for conflict of interest have to be applied, see:

In any case, the FWF must be mentioned in the Acknowledgements as following: Austrian Science Fund (FWF): project number(s)

Length Dependent on the form of the publication; in any case, an economical arrangement should be negotiated. As a rule, the costs of journal articles should not exceed EUR 3,000.00. (upon consultation with the FWF, exceptions may be made in some cases). For proceedings, collections and monographs, an additional amount of up to EUR 8,000.00 can be requested if an identical open-access copy of the publication is published simultaneously, up to EUR 6,000.00 if the open-access copy is made available within a maximum of one year of the print publication date.
Validity Applications for proceedings, collections of papers and monographs can only be applied for projects granted before 30. November 2011. As from 1. December 2011 applicants can apply for proceedings, collections of papers and monographs within the Stand-alone Publication Funding Programme.
Applications accepted continuously
Allocation by the FWF Board based on an international review process
Processing time approx. 4-8 weeks

Margit Kenzian





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