Wittgenstein Award

Target group
outstanding researchers of any discipline

Scholars/Scientists should be guaranteed the greatest possible freedom and flexibility in the performance of their research.

Programme aims
The Programme provides both recognition and support to excellent scholars/scientists (up to 55 years of age) who have already produced exceptional scientific work and who occupy a prominent place in the international scientific community. Prizewinners should be guaranteed the maximum possible level of freedom and flexibility in the performance of their research, thereby facilitating an increase in their scientific productivity.

The Prize is associated with financial support up to a maximum of 1.5 million € to be spent over a period of five years. It is intended to enhance and extend the research possibilities of the Prizewinner and his or her group. The Programme is targeted at scientists of any discipline. There are no quotas regulating the distribution of awards between subject areas.

The Wittgenstein Prize is the most generously supported research programme in Austria. As such, it attracts considerable media attention and thus contributes significantly to the understanding and acceptance of scholarly/scientific research by society.


  • international recognition in the field
  • permanent employment in an Austrian research organization
  • aged 55 or under and center of life in Austria for at least one year at the time of nomination (=deadline for nominations)


5 years

up to 1.5 Mio. € per award

Currently no nominations possible.

  • may only come from people entitled to make such proposals (Rector of Austrian universities, Vice Rector for Research of Austrian universities, President of the OeAW, President of IST-Austria and all previous Wittgenstein Awardees)
  • self-nominations are not permitted
  • start of next call: expected for July 2017
  • deadline for nominations: expected for mid-September 2017
  • documents for a nomination may only be requested by persons eligible to make a nomination, please contact Mario Mandl


1 award per year