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WWTF Life Sciences Call 2017- Chemical Biology

2017-03-02 / 00:00 CET
2017-04-27 / 14:00 CET

Short Description

Chemical Biology 2017 is the 10th project call within the Vienna Science

and Technology Fund (WWTF) Life Sciences Programme. It invites:


- researchers and scientists at universities and non-university research institutions in Vienna, including those moving to Vienna,

- who want to conduct a cutting-edge research project (2 to 4 years) at the chemistry-biology interface using small molecules to understand and manipulate biological systems with molecular precision.

- Proposals may include mechanistic studies, development of new chemical or biological tools/techniques, and applied molecular studies (biological and medical).

- Proposals do not have to include a translational aspect.

- Proposals should bring together scientists from different scientific disciplines such as chemistry, biological and related biomedical disciplines to foster interactive partnerships across Vienna.

- A total of € 4.5 million will be dedicated to this call. The funding range per project is € 200,000 to € 700,000.


This is a two stage call: Short proposals have to be submitted by April 27, 2017.

Full proposals have to be submitted (upon invitation) by August 18, 2017.

Location Info

Schlickgasse 3
Zip City
1090 Wien


Main contact
Name: Johanna Trupke
Role: Programme Manager Life Sciences

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