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ERA-NET NEURON Call 2018 “Mental Disorders”

2018-01-08 / 00:01 CET
2018-03-08 / 14:00 CET

Short Description

As part of the ERA-NET NEURON research funding network the eleventh call for joint transnational proposals is published on 8 January 2018 under the title “Transnational Research Projects on Mental Disorders”.

The aim is to support new transnational cooperation. The individual national (sub-) projects of the consortia are funded by the respective national funding organisations.

Each consortium submitting a proposal must be comprised of a minimum of three research groups eligible for funding by participating organisations. The research groups must be from at least three different countries. The total number of research groups in a consortium is limited to five (or six, please refer to the detailed information). One common document must be submitted to the Joint Call Secretariat by one spokesperson, the co-ordinator. (For details, please refer to the Call Text available at the NEURON homepage at the time of call publication).

The call is implemented as a 2-step procedure:

Submission deadline (pre-proposals): 8 March 2018
Submission Deadline (full proposals): 26 June 2018
Decision (full proposals): November 2018

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Name: Herbert Mayer
Name: Iris Fortmann

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