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10th call in the Programme for Arts-Based Research (PEEK)

2018-02-10 / 00:01 CET
2018-04-10 / 23:59 CET

Short Description

In connection with the 10th call in the Programme for Arts-Based Research (PEEK), the FWF invites the research community to submit project proposals.

Please note that the 2018 call will be open from February 10th until April 10th. During that period, the FWF Office will accept applications for arts-based research projects.

Proposals can be submitted for project ideas from any discipline in the field of arts-based research. In order to be approved, an application must receive positive reviews from peer reviewers who are based exclusively outside of Austria. In the review process, these international reviewers as well as the PEEK Board play an especially important role.

In their proposals, applicants may provide unencrypted links to audiovisual material in order to illustrate the planned research work.

Additional information on the programme and current application documents can be found here: PEEK


Name: Andrea Wald

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