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Job Type: Wissenschaftliche Jobausschreibungen

PhD position: Development of a toothbrush-compatible point of care device for nutrition, stress and immune-status monitoring in saliva

Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering or any related field
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Closing Date


Brushing your teeth is a daily routine mainly done in the morning and evening. Coupling this routine to a simple measurement of different health parameters in saliva would enable a continuous monitoring of nutritional-, stress- and immune-status. As a consequence this will give a personalized profile which detects imbalances in nutrition and style of living at an early stage with the great potential to identify the need to adapt diet and lifestyle.

Point of care (POC) testing technology is capable to implement such an idea by the compact and rapid measurement of health parameters enabling decentralized analysis directly at home. Within a team of senior scientists, scientists and technicians this PhD project has the aim to develop such a device, which can be used in combination with a toothbrush starting from saliva sample preparation, assay development, assay transfer and final evaluation with saliva samples. Three groups of lifestyle parameters will be addressed: 1) Monitoring of nutritional parameters such as lipids and vitamins 2) Monitoring of stress by hormone measurement and 3) Monitoring of immune status by the detection of antibodies and inflammation markers. Once the assays are established for saliva and a serum saliva correlation could be shown, some of the tests will be transferred to an electrochemical lateral flow device. After the proof of principle this system will be coupled with a compact saliva sampling concept and integrated into a toothbrush-compatible module. This module will be evaluated with saliva samples to show the principle functionality of this toothbrush-based lifestyle monitoring device. The successful implementation of the system will bring continuous information about our current lifestyle (quantified self) and has the great potential to guide healthy living, healthy working and even prevent diseases by early and targeted intervention.


Main contact
Name: Johannes Peham

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