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Job Type: Wissenschaftliche Jobausschreibungen

Master Thesis

Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology
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We offer an exciting Master Thesis position at the Center of Anatomy and Cell Biology (Medical University of Vienna) within the group of Michael Jantsch. The Center hosts a large diversity of research groups with a strong focus on RNA-biology, epigenetics, and stem cell biology. The research will be carried out in an international environment with co-workers from across Europe.

The group of Michael Jantsch works on adenosine to inosine editing of RNA. Playing fundamental roles in development, immunity, and other important cellular processes, RNA editing is essential for life.

RNA editing is a process that causes deamination of adenosine and conversion into inosine. This can change the amino acid sequence of proteins, has consequences for immune responses, and influences miRNA-targeting. A tight regulation and control of RNA-editing is required for homeostasis as de-regulation of editing has been linked to various diseases including neurological disorders, chronic inflammation and cancer. Intriguingly, we have found surprising differences in the level of pre-mRNA and mRNA editing for a number of editing targets.

This finding may provide a novel layer of regulation for RNA editing. To gain global insight, we are currently using next generation sequencing (NGS) to screen the whole protein-coding editome for similar differences. We will use a combination of affinity-purifications and high-throughput mass spectrometry in order to identify the underlying mechanism. Moreover, we plan to utilize cutting-edge RNA-CRISPR targeting strategies.

The applicant will work within the scope of this project. A background in the field of molecular biology, biomedical sciences, or biochemistry is required. The applicant should be familiar with standard molecular biology methods. Even more important is the motivation to learn new techniques and the enthusiasm to achieve defined goals.

The starting date is flexible. The position will be paid 440 EUR/month.

For further information please contact Konstantin Licht (konstantin.licht(at)


Main contact
Name: Konstantin Licht

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