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Job-Art: Wissenschaftliche Jobausschreibungen

PhD position Aquatic insects in urban microecosystems

University of Salzburg


We are offering a PhD-Position (funded for 4 years) in the FWF-project “Aquatic communities in urban microecosystems”. The project will study arthropods in small aquatic systems in cities such as water-filled tree holes, graveyard vases and rain barrels. Specifically, we will examine effects of urbanization on the structure and functions of these communities, including their trophic networks. In addition, ecosystem services and disservices (mosquitoes) as well as the use of these aquatic microhabitats by birds and mammals will be investigated. Fieldwork will be conducted mostly in the city of Salzburg and in other European cities (Zurich, Vienna, Berlin, London, Munich) and has experimental as well as Citizen science components. Lab work will include taxonomic identification of arthropods, trait measurements and stable isotope analyses. Complex statistical techniques will be used to analyse the data.

Applicants should have a university degree (M.Sc. or equivalent) in Biology, Ecology or a related field and a strong academic record. Furthermore, sound experience in statistical data analysis, preferably in R, and good English skills will be necessary. Knowledge of German, experience in urban ecology, fieldwork, experimental design, taxonomy of aquatic arthropods, stable isotope techniques, network and trait-based analyses would be helpful.

The ideal starting date is Dec 1, 2019. To apply, please email a motivation letter, CV and contact details of two references until Oct 15 to Jana Petermann. Further information: https://www.uni-salzburg.at/index.php?id=209099&L=1.




Name: Jana Petermann

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