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Charitable Foundations Continue their Collaboration with the Austrian Science Fund FWF

They are among Austria’s most highly endowed research awards, and their funding has been provided once again in 2021 by charitable foundations: researchers can now submit project proposals from the fields of cell research, anaesthesia, and the further development of the Internet as part of the new calls of the Herzfelder Foundation, the Weiss Award, and netidee SCIENCE. A total of €1.6 billion is thus available to cutting-edge basic research.

“Weave”: New Dimension of Cross-Border Research Funding

The Austrian Science Fund FWF has formed together with European research funding organisations a network called Weave to harmonise programmes for international cooperation and to create extensive opportunities for collaboration on basic research.

New Method of Coronavirus Decontamination

The first international FWF corona urgent funding project offers a safe and affordable alternative to current means of virus decontamination. The research focuses on the reuse of highly effective face masks and the decontamination of other sensitive objects.

Seven Researchers Receive first Rückenwind Funding Bonus of the alpha+ Stiftung

The alpha+ Foundation was created as a non-profit federal foundation by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) in November of 2019 with the aim of providing additional support to researchers through private funding. One year later, seven researchers from the Erwin Schrödinger Fellowships Programme have received a “Rückenwind funding bonus” of the alpha+ Foundation for the first time. The goal of this funding initiative is to promote international knowledge transfer.