Contact & Support

You can contact Silvia Dallabrida at any time for further information or support on how you can contribute to leading-edge research. Make an appointment today; we look forward to meeting you and discussing various donation options.

Help open up a new chapter in Austria’s tradition of research.

The FWF has been granted tax relief status, which means that both donations by private persons as well as companies are tax deductible. Naturally, we will send you a receipt of donation. The FWF requires the donor’s name and date of birth to notify the tax authorities for the purpose of tax deductibility.

Until the end of the statutory transition period for newly established federal foundations (Bundesstiftungen) such as the alpha+ Foundation, only donations made directly to the Austrian Science Fund FWF are tax deductible. Regardless of your donation project, we can find the optimal solution for you. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding tax deductibility.