Open Access Policy:

The basic elements are:
a) For new approved projects, the FWF introduces price caps (Gold Open Access = € 2,500 per article, Hybrid Open Access fees = € 1,500 per article) and ceases to make additional payments for any publication costs for subscription journals (e.g. colour figures, page charges and submission fees), see Peer Review Publications.

b) The programme Stand-alone Publications is extended to new digital Open Access publication formats (funding up to € 18.000). For this funding programme, publishers are invited to certify their peer review procedure, see Form for Certification of Publishers.

c) The Creative Commons Licence CC BY licence is compulsory for all publication formats whenever the FWF has covered the costs.

d) Applicants for research grants are explicitly asked to budget funds for processing, archiving and re-using open research data, see 2.6. “Other Costs”. (pdf, 318KB)

e) Applicants are advised to use ORCID persistent digital identifiers, which will be compulsory from January 1, 2016 onward.

f) The Austrian Library Consortium KEMÖ and the FWF negotiate new Open Access models with publishers 2015 (see for example Austria and IOP Publishing in 2014), in particular in line with recent developments in the Netherlands and in the UK.


Falk Reckling

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