Supported by the Nationalstiftung für Forschung, Technologie und Entwicklung the FWF launches a pilot programme for projects focusing on Open Research Data (ORD) and invites eligible applicants to submit outline proposals (letter of interest) from mid-January 2016 onward.

The pilot aims to create role models and to gain experiences with open access to research data so that in line with the concept of Open Science open research data becomes the norm for all FWF projects in the future:

  • Only research data that result from FWF projects which were granted during the past five years (completed or running projects which were approved after January 1, 2010) are eligible for the pilot. An applicant can only submit one project application.
  • Based on these projects, endeavors of all disciplines focusing on the analysis, maintenance and update of research data can be submitted following the framework of Stand-alone projects. Maximum project limits are two years and EUR 250.000 must not be extended.
  • Research data is defined as data which is “produced by scientific projects, for example by means of digitization, the study of sources, experiments, measurements, surveys or questionnaires”1. This also includes software.
  • Research data must (1) be published on the basis of the latest technical standards, (2) must be openly accessible (Open Access), (3) reproducible, (4) machine-readable, (5) citable, (6) have attached an open licence for unrestricted further use and (7) must be published in a registered repository.

In mid-January 2016 the FWF will release a “Letter of interest” for the pilot which then can be submitted until mid-March 2016. Starting in the beginning of May 2016, the FWF invites the best “Letters of interest” to submit a full proposal until the beginning of July. The full proposals are internationally peer-reviewed according to usual FWF procedures. Final decisions will be available in March 2017.

Contact person: Falk Reckling

Smaller projects of this kind, notwithstanding of previous FWF funding, are supported from 2016 onward by the programme Stand-Alone Publications. With a lump-sum grant of up to EUR 50,000, the programme funds innovative and open publication formats such as apps, wiki-based publications, annotated scientific databases, web-based publications enriched with various media (e.g. audio, video, and animation), etc.

Contact person: Doris Haslinger


Digital Curation Center:
Registry of Research Data Repositories:

1 The Priority Initiative Digitale Information of the German Alliance of Science Organisations.

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