As announced in mid-March adapted FWF funding guidelines and application guidelines take effect as of today, 1 April 2016. These guidelines can be found on the FWF website.

The most significant change is a limit on the number of ongoing projects that can be funded for a single principal investigator in the following programmes: Stand-Alone Projects, International Programmes, Clinical Research and Arts-Based Research (PEEK). The limit regarding the number of ongoing projects also leads to a limit with regard to the maximum number of proposals that can be submitted. In addition, it is now possible to submit project proposals in the listed programmes with a maximum duration of 48 months and a funding volume that must not exceed 400.000 € (incl. general costs) per proposal.

Additional information is included in the application guidelines (e.g. Stand-Alone Projects(pdf, 321KB)). Further information on the limits regarding ongoing projects and the possible number of proposals can be found here:, 117KB)

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