While the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) has so far primarily focused on Open Access to publications, the principle of openness will now be extended to research data as part of a long-term Open Science strategy. Open access to qualified research data is the precondition for the reproducibility, verification and falsification of data for scientific and practical purposes. The pilot aims to create role models for open research data and contributes to FWF’s experience with open access to research data with the goal of open research data becoming the norm for all FWF projects in the future.

In January 2016, the FWF invited to an expression of interest for the pilot programme “Open Research Data” (ORD). 48 letters of interest were handed in(submitted?). Based on the decision of the FWF Board in May 2016, 47 of those were invited for a full proposal. Until the beginning of July 2016, the FWF received 41 full proposals, around 19 from the Humanities & Social Sciences, 11 from the Natural Science and 11 from the Life Sciences. In the upcoming months, an international peer-review according to common FWF procedures will be conducted. Final funding decisions will be made at the beginning of March 2017. Depending on the requested sum, 11 to 13 proposals will be funded.

The FWF sees that pilot as an important future investment, especially since recent studies have shown that the accessibility to and the reproducibility of research studies and research data are one of the greatest challenges for science and scholarship in the upcoming years. In that respect, the FWF is very proud to announce a lecture by Brian Nosek, one of the key contributors to the debate on “reproducibility”, on 21 September.
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