For several years, the Austrian Science Fund FWF has been making great efforts to raise private funds for the basic research projects it supports. Two additional foundations have now been signed up to further strengthen the FWF and, thereby, basic research in Austria. As of 2017, the Herzfelder Family Foundation will provide a total of EUR 650,000 and the Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) EUR 400,000. Whilst the Herzfelder Foundation will support projects in biochemical and medical cell research, netidee SCIENCE, which is the name of the largest private initiative backing the internet in Austria, will be open for projects from all scientific disciplines that contribute to promoting the internet in Austria and related technologies and methods. The calls for project submissions are open as of now for both foundation programmes. The respective foundation boards will make their funding decisions by the end of 2017 on the basis of recommendations from the FWF Board.

Projects Supported by the Herzfelder Foundation

It is the mission of the Herzfelder Family Foundation to finance projects in the field of biochemical and medical cell research, with special focus on projects investigating cell change and cell ageing, as well as the search for ways of influencing this process, in addition to research into cell diseases and malignancies. The declared aim is to bring influence to bear on the ageing process in human beings.

netidee SCIENCE

netidee SCIENCE, the scientific branch of netidee, is endowed by the Internet Foundation Austria (Internet Privatstiftung Austria -IPA), from funds arising from Austria's internet domain administration, in accordance with the goals of this foundation. In terms of project content – and the call for submissions explicitly includes transdisciplinary projects – the research goal will be to sustainably develop and safeguard the beneficial aspects of the internet for the good of all members of society.

Foundations and the FWF

To date, the FWF has succeeded in attracting a total of four foundations. Since 2014, the Gottfried and Vera Weiss Science Foundation has been supporting projects in the areas of meteorology or anaesthesia, alternating each year. 2015 saw the addition of the ASMET Research Award in support of projects devoted to metallurgical research. By adding the two newly recruited foundations, the FWF will have EUR 1.6 million per year coming from foundation endowments to support research projects. As far as private research funding is concerned, this gives the FWF a leading role in Austria among publicly financed support organisations and research institutions.

The Austrian Science Fund FWF

The FWF is Austria’s central institution for the funding of basic research. The Fund supports research projects of international excellence devoted to the generation, expansion and deepening of scientific knowledge.


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Projects supported by the Herzfelder Foundation


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