For several years now, the Stand-Alone Publications programme has been funding the production and simultaneous open-access publication of academic books.

All FWF-funded books are accessible free of charge in the FWF E-Book Library and in the OAPEN Library.

The OAPEN Library’s annual data on book usage shows that the number of archived open-access books is rising steadily, as is the number of downloads per book.

Annual usage data

In 2016, the 341 books available were downloaded a total of 100,263 times (average: 294 downloads per book) by users in 172 countries. The countries with the largest number of downloads were Germany, Austria, the United States, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, the Netherlands, Brazil and Switzerland.

Click here to view a list of all books, including download statistics and metadata from 2014 to 2016.

Usage data (2014–2016)

Number of FWF-funded books in OAPEN LibraryDownloadsAverage (downloads/book)Year-on-year increase in number of books

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