VIT 2337
Zbigniew Błocki (NCN), Klement Tockner (FWF), Alice Valkárová (GA ČR), József Pálinkás (NKFIH) und József Györkös (ARRS) © ARRS

On 6 and 7 September 2017, the heads of research funding organisations from five Central European countries met in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The presidents of ARRS (József Györkös, Slovenia), FWF (Klement Tockner, Austria), GA ČR (Alice Valkárová, Czech Republic), NCN (Zbigniew Błocki, Poland) and NKFIH (József Pálinkás, Hungary) agreed to further strengthen the scientific ties in Central Europe, benefiting from a joint rich cultural heritage. The participants expressed their commitment to support mutual collaboration among leading researchers and research institutions in this region, to increase their voice at the European level, and to harmonize their evaluation procedures. At a later step, the partner organisations plan to expand the network to include partners from other Central European countries too.

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