The well-established SFB programme supports female and male researchers in Austria in the development of extremely productive, closely interconnected research establishments for long-term and multi-/interdisciplinary work on complex research topics. The guidelines for the submission of an SFB draft proposal in September 2018 are currently being revised and will be presented with new structural features on 11 May 2018.

Adjustments will be made concerning the participation of women and junior researchers. The 30 per cent target quota for female scientists / scholars is to be supported by the fact that the composition of the team of project leaders will be defined as a decision-relevant criterion in the context of the evaluation procedure. In addition the research institutions will be asked to provide background data concerning the general conditions at the research institutions (e.g. number of female researchers, number of junior researchers).

For the call from 30 September 2018 the research institution will be responsible for the application for an SFB draft proposal.

As stated above, the revised version of the SFB guidelines will be available from 11 May 2018.


Sabine Haubenwallner

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