The results of an analysis conducted by an international consortium led by Alexander Degelsegger-Marquéz (Centre for Social Innovation) and John Rigby (University of Manchester) provide excellent testimony for the international programmes of the FWF.

The evaluation was commissioned by the FWF to examine the appropriateness and quality of the FWF’s internationally coordinated funding programmes, which have grown extremely dynamically in recent years, with regard to objectives, instruments, processes and output data. Particular attention was paid to the question of how the international projects/joint projects perform in direct comparison with the FWF‘s individual projects, whether the opportunities offered for international cooperation are sufficient and to what extent the additional coordination and administration effort in the area of international programmes is appropriate.

The main findings and the most important conclusions of this study as well as a statement by the FWF can be found on the website of the Austrian Science Fund (Evaluations).

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