Applications amount to around EUR 121 million, approval rate around 25 percent

At the mid-year meeting of the FWF Board, held from 25 to 26 June 2018, a total sum of roughly EUR 31 million was approved on the basis of applications amounting to around EUR 121 million. This corresponds to an approval rate of approx. 25 percent across all programmes. In all, 108 outstanding projects received FWF funding.

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Representing the “backbone” of FWF funding, stand-alone projects once again accounted for the bulk of approvals. Against an application amount (incl. clinical research) of around EUR 58 million, some EUR 16 million was approved, which corresponds to an approval rate of 27 percent.

In the area of international programmes, which are implemented jointly with international partner funding organisations, the applications amounted to around EUR 30 million, of which roughly EUR 5 million was approved subject to certain conditions (approval rate: ca. 17%). In some cases, the decisions of partner organisations are still awaited.

The mobility and women's programmes once again proved to be of central importance as career development vehicles. In the "Schrödinger" outgoing programme, around 48 percent of the applications were successful, with total funding amounting to EUR 1 million. In the "Meitner" incoming programme, the grant sum was around EUR 1.5 million, which corresponds to an approval rate of around 27 percent.

The call for applications for the women's programmes "Firnberg" and "Richter" resulted in a total application volume of around EUR 25 million, of which roughly EUR 7 million was approved (approval rate: 29%).

Apart from aspiring to the highest scientific quality, internationality and fairness, the FWF also stands for maximum transparency. For this reason, all approved research projects are presented in detail on the FWF website at:

In addition, statistics are provided for each Board meeting, which can be found at:

FWF Board

The FWF Board is composed of the Executive Board of the Austrian Science Fund and expert reporters. The term of office of the current Board runs until October 2020, whereby the primary task of the Board of Trustees is to take funding decisions. The members of the FWF Board of Trustees can be found at:

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The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) is Austria’s central funding organisation for basic research. Applying international quality benchmarks, the FWF provides funding for outstanding research projects and excellent researchers who work to generate, broaden and deepen scientific knowledge.


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