The revision of the application guidelines is intended to make the requirements easier to understand, facilitate the submission process for applicants and simplify reporting for principal investigators.

The application guidelines of the FWF funding programmes have undergone numerous adaptations and extensions over time. The FWF has now implemented a fundamental revision and standardisation of the application guidelines. In addition to a few content-related changes, the project description, curricula vitae and publication lists have been adapted to the new format. The FWF relies on international benchmarks, including modern digital reference systems and databases.

These adjustments will apply from 1 January 2019 for the application guidelines of all funding programmes without a submission deadline, taking into account programme-specific differences.

The publication of the new application guidelines will take place in the second week of December 2018. We ask for your understanding that specific questions about the type and scope of the changes can only be answered by the FWF's administrative office once the application guidelines have been published on the FWF's homepage. The submission of project proposals in accordance with the requirements of the currently applicable application guidelines is still possible until the end of February 2019. Project applications under international calls for proposals published in 2018 and with specific submission deadlines must be submitted in accordance with the currently applicable application guidelines (August 2018 version).

In addition, the FWF provides applicants with an online glossary of the most important terms from the new application guidelines and a new FAQ on its website. Additional checkboxes will be installed in the electronic submission portal Elane to ensure the completeness of the submitted documents. The aim is to avoid the resubmission of project documents in the future as far as possible.

Finally, an online tool for recording the final reports of all new and ongoing projects will be introduced for the majority of FWF programmes. It will considerably simplify the collection, evaluation and presentation of project results. The contents of the final report will not change. Detailed information will follow at the beginning of 2019.

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