Plan S focuses on a freely accessible, scientific Open Access publishing system that is more transparent, efficient and fair.

Free access to scholarly publications on the Internet (Open Access) enables the latest evidence-based research results to circulate faster and more comprehensively. This in turn considerably facilitates problem-solving and innovation in science and society. Free access to research results must apply in particular to results financed out of public funds. cOAlition S is a group of 18 public research funding entities - including the FWF and the European Commission. On 4 September 2018, the group published the principles of Plan S which centres on fairer, more transparent and more efficient models of scholarly publishing.On 26 November, the group presented implementation guidance on Plan S in London. The guidance serves to clarify the provisions of Plan S, describe the modalities of implementation and respond to questions and comments that have arisen during the debates on Plan S in recent weeks. The guidance was drawn up by an international working group with the active participation of the FWF.The Austrian research institutions and the FWF are well prepared for the implementation of Plan S. Open Access publication models and repositories have been encouraged in all disciplines for years. In close cooperation with the Austrian libraries and the FWF, a number of publishing agreements have been concluded, making it considerably easier for Austrian scientists and scholars to publish via Open Access. These efforts will be intensified in order to create the framework conditions for a transition that is as friction-free as possible."Research results funded through public grants are common property. Plan S represents an important step towards an open knowledge society undertaken by leading funding organisations”, says the President of the FWF Klement Tockner. He added: “Open Access is indispensable in order to preserve and further enhance the independence and freedom of science and researchers.” The Austrian Science Minister Heinz Fassmann also welcomes Plan S. “Achieving complete open access to research results has been and remains an objective worthy of support , but which has yet to be attained ”, noted the Science Minister. He also perceives advantages for Austria in the implementation of Plan S. cOAlition S invites feedback on its guidance up to 1 February 2019. This consultation process is expected to support the further development and successful implementation of Plan S.

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Information and feedback on Plan S may also be sent to the FWF: Falk Reckling, falk.reckling(at), +43-1-5056740-8861

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