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Chemiker Nuno Maulide bestes Beispiel für die Vereinbarkeit von wissenschaftlicher Exzellenz und allgemeinverständlicher Wissenschaftskommunikation. 

The Austrian Club of Education and Science Journalists has designated the chemist Nuno Maulide as “Scientist of the Year 2018”. According to the Chair of the Club, Eva Stanzl, this recognition goes to the Professor of Organic Synthesis at the University of Vienna not only for his excellent scientific work but also for his role as a science communicator - a role that he recently put at the disposal of the 650th anniversary celebrations of the University of Vienna, where he gave the first family lecture on chemistry.

A brief review of his track record of awards provides an impressive demonstration of the scientific excellence of the 39-year-old chemist. He received an ERC Starting Grant in 2013 and an ERC Consolidator Grant in 2016. He currently heads two standalone projects at the FWF. As an organic chemist, Maulide investigates the chemical properties of organic compounds, i.e. compounds based on carbon, in order to discover new reactions and develop and improve synthesis processes for these compounds. He also serves as alternate reporter on “Organic Chemistry” on the FWF Board.

“We should try to awaken a passion for science also among people who haven’t taken an interest in it so far,” says Nuno Maulide in an interview in the Austrian daily Der Standard following the award. But he also stresses the urgency of increasing the FWF budget. “It’s not a rare event for us to have to reject projects that have been reviewed as 'excellent',” Maulide continues. “This is simply embarrassing for everyone concerned - the reviewers, the FWF and the project applicants,” he concludes.

“On behalf of the FWF, I would like to congratulate Nuno Maulide on this special and well-deserved award,” said FWF President Klement Tockner. “One can’t emphasise enough Nuno Maulide's commitment to active science communication. There are many dedicated scientists in this country who are able and willing to follow Nuno Maulide's example so as to bring science to society with authenticity and conviction,” continued the FWF President. Tockner underscores that strong, independent and quality-driven science is an essential prerequisite for our prosperity and ensures our well-being in a sustainable manner.


Marc Seumenicht
Head of Public Relations and Science Communication

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