The FWF and the Province of South Tyrol (Alto Adige) now offer researchers from Austria and South Tyrol the opportunity to apply for joint research projects. The basis for this new cooperation opportunity is an agreement signed by the Governor of South Tyrol, Arno Kompatscher, and FWF President Klement Tockner in May 2018.

The central focus of the agreement is the joint funding of “joint projects,” in which researchers from Austria and South Tyrol work together closely. The cooperation between the FWF and the Province of South Tyrol is characterised by its high degree of flexibility. For instance, applications can be submitted from all scientific/scholarly disciplines. Plus, there are no deadlines, so bilateral teams can submit their joint proposals at any time. Through cooperation arrangements like this, the FWF and the Province of South Tyrol wish to support the establishment and strengthening of long-term cooperation relationships. In terms of the process, the Province of South Tyrol relies on the proven international review procedure of the FWF. The FWF acts as the lead agency and is responsible for the review of all proposals and the selection of projects. In the case of approval, the two parts of the project will be funded separately by the Province of South Tyrol and the FWF, respectively, in accordance with the applicable regulations in the respective country.

With this cooperation agreement, the FWF takes a further step towards fulfilling the strategy it has been following for several years of establishing research relationships with Austria’s neighbouring countries. Appropriate agreements and calls with partner funding organisations in Germany (DFG), Switzerland (SNF), Slovenia (ARRS), the Czech Republic (GA ČR), and Hungary (NKFIH) have promoted close research collaboration in Central Europe.

Details on how to apply for projects can be found in the relevant info sheet, which can be downloaded under “Italy/South Tyrol” using the following link:

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