The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the application guidelines, which are now available online, will help applicants with questions they may have. In addition, it should be noted that the transition period for the submission of applications under the rules of the old application guidelines ends on 28 February 2019.

The new application guidelines of the FWF published in December 2018 contain a fundamental revision and standardisation of the application guidelines.

For better comprehensibility, a FAQ list has been created in addition to an online glossary in which frequently asked questions by applicants are presented and answered.For a transitional period, the submission of project proposals is still possible until the end of February 2019 according to the requirements of the previous application guidelines (August 2018 version). Applications submitted at a later date can only be accepted on the basis of the new application guidelines. The date of the postmark for an application or, if the application is handed in personally at the FWF, for the last time on 28 February 2019, will serve as proof.

Project applications within the framework of international calls for proposals published in 2018 with submission deadlines must continue to be submitted in accordance with the old application guidelines (August 2018 version). A detailed list of the calls concerned can be found here.

The application guidelines for funding programmes with deadlines and for the so-called coordinated programmes (SFBs, research groups, etc.) will also be revised and published in good time according to their deadlines.

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