In March 2019, the FWF launches an online system for the submission of final project reports. This system is part of the Researchfish platform and is intended to provide principal investigators (PIs) with optimal support in filing their reports at the end of the project. The content-related requirements that have applied so far for FWF final reports remain unchanged; the system, however, makes it possible to provide a wider range of documentation of project outcomes.

Therefore, starting on 1 March 2019, final report projects shall be submitted electronically via this system for the following programmes:

  • Stand-Alone Projects
  • International Programmes
  • START Programme
  • Wittgenstein Award
  • Schrödinger Programme
  • Meitner Programme
  • Firnberg Programme
  • Richter Programme (incl. Richter PEEK)
  • Clinical Research Programme (KLIF)
  • PEEK
  • Science Communication Programme (WissKomm)
  • Top Citizen Science Funding Initiative
  • Open Research Data (ORD)

For the time being, the existing submission requirements and procedures shall apply for all other programmes. They will also start using Researchfish during the year, and the change will be announced well in advance.

For information on the final report requirements of FWF programmes, see:

The FWF shall ensure that PIs have all the necessary information and the access link to the system by the end of their respective project.

What will not change:

  • Invoices shall still be submitted by conventional mail.
  • The auditing department still requires PIs to submit the annual short report on the project’s progress over the last calendar year.

Researchfish is an online system that helps researchers document the outcomes and impacts of their research projects. The platform is used by more than 120 organisations in the UK, North America, and Europe and currently reports on the outcomes of about 90,000 research projects.


Martina Kunzmann
Strategie – Policy, Evaluation, Analyse

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