The new "CEUS - Central European Science Partnership" enables researchers from Austria, Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic to apply for bilateral and, for the first time,  trilateral research projects.

The FWF is stepping up its cooperation with funding organisations from Poland (NCN), the Czech Republic (GACR) and Slovenia (ARRS). The bilateral programmes that currently exist for funding joint projects between researchers from Austria and the three countries are now being integrated and harmonised, as much as possible, within the framework of the Central European Science Partnership. This new cooperation format now makes it possible to submit proposals not only for bilateral, but also trilateral research projects involving researchers from the above-mentioned countries. The fact that the annual bilateral call for proposals with the Czech GACR will no longer be conducted provides more flexibility in terms of cooperation possibilities. From now on, applications involving researchers from the Czech Republic can be submitted at any time to the FWF as lead agency, as is currently the case for Slovenia and Poland. In addition, once a year there will be the opportunity to submit proposals for bi- or trilateral projects to ARRS (Slovenia), as well as now to GACR (Czech Republic) and NCN (Poland) as lead agency. The FWF wishes to provide more flexibility and expand the range of funding options in order to meet the existing high demand for funding initiatives with partner countries in Central Europe. Together with its long-standing collaboration with the DACH countries and, since 2019, with the Province of South Tyrol, the result is an even closer-knit network of cooperation within the European neighbourhood.

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