Open access to data, reproducible methods, and research work that goes beyond publications—by establishing the ‘Hong Kong Principles’, researchers and research organisations from all over the world have agreed on common principles for assessing research. The goal is to strengthen the focus on the trustworthiness of research.

Together with the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity (ÖAWI), the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) has recently signed the Hong Kong Principles. The manifest was endorsed by the participants at the World Conference on Research Integrity in Hong Kong in June 2019. The principles contained within expand the traditional conception of the criteria used to assess research to include aspects such as sense of responsibility, open science, or commitment to peer review. The long-term goal is to raise the standards used to assess research in accordance with these trust-building principles and thus further strengthen the integrity of research.

By endorsing the principles, the FWF wishes to underscore the global importance of research integrity, which has been a high priority in Austrian cutting-edge research for many years now. The key aspects of the Hong Kong Principles are already an integral part of the FWF’s application and decision-making process, and their further development is planned in the future.

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