Epidemics and pandemics cannot be researched solely on the national level. Funding agencies from Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic are working closely together to increase the international exchange of knowledge within basic research on COVID-19. The aim is help speed up the launch of cross-border projects between researchers from Austria and its partner countries.

Within the framework of its SARS-CoV-2 urgent funding, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) is developing an international network to encourage multinational research into the current pandemic and its consequences. Thanks to the partnership with its fellow funding organisations in Germany (DFG), Luxembourg (FNR), Poland (NCN), Switzerland (SNF), Slovenia (ARRS), and the Czech Republic (GACR), researchers from Austria can now request fast-track funding for international research projects together with researchers from the above-mentioned countries. This applies for both bilateral as well as trilateral projects.

“International collaboration is essential in science, as the coronavirus crisis once again clearly shows. Together with our European partners, we want to make it easier for researchers to engage in transnational research and bring new insights to light. Science is building bridges where others are currently digging national trenches,” said Klement Tockner, President of the Austrian Science Fund FWF.

Austrian Federal Minister of Science Heinz Faßmann also sees the FWF’s initiative as a positive step. “In the same way that the coronavirus pandemic is a global problem, global cooperation is needed to conduct research into the causes, effects, and future approaches to handling pandemics. The cooperative network of funding organisations established by the FWF should be seen as a significant contribution towards achieving this goal,” said the Federal Minister.

The participation of the six funding organisations in the FWF’s urgent funding thus helps to create one of the largest internationally linked initiatives of research funding organisations for research into SARS-CoV-2 and its consequences.

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The FWF is Austria’s central funding organisation for basic research as well as arts-based research. Applying international quality benchmarks, the FWF provides funding for outstanding research projects and excellent researchers who work to generate, broaden and deepen scientific knowledge.


Marc Seumenicht
Dep. Head of Communications, Spokesman
scilog.fwf.ac.at | @FWF_at | @FWFOpenAccess

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