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The Austrian Science Fund FWF is a partner in the Pathways to Sustainability funding initiative of the Belmont Forum. With its first call for proposals, this international research funding initiative invites researchers in Austria to apply for one- or two-year funding in order to build international and transdisciplinary networks. The focus is on research projects seeking to link up three or more UN sustainable development goals. The research consortia involved need to include researchers from at least three different countries, whereby the FWF requires the involvement of at least one networking partner from outside of Europe. The deadline for submissions is 31 October 2020.

Founded in Australia in 2009, the Belmont Forum is a partnership of a group of the world’s most important and up-and-coming funding organisations dedicated to research into sustainable solutions as a response to global environmental change. The Forum is committed to generating new knowledge through the advancement of transdisciplinary, collaborative research at the international level.

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Dr. Bettina Löscher
Scientific Project Officer
Natural and Technical Sciences
Austrian Science Fund FWF

T: +43 /1 / 505 67 40-8405

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