Funding amounts, approval rates, and gender distribution: the new FWF Dashboard allows you to see how the funding statistics on basic research in Austria have developed—online and for all FWF funding programmes.

With the new Dashboard the Austrian Science Fund FWF has upgraded its website to include an improved overview of the long-term development and current status of its funding statistics. The Dashboard contains key figures on the entire funding portfolio, and trends over time are shown in easy-to-understand diagrams. The new feature provides you with the opportunity to get an overall statistical view of the impact and outcomes of the FWF’s funding activities. All data can be downloaded in accordance with the open data principle and be used for further analyses.

Figures and data available from 2009 on

The funding statistics go back to the year 2009 and cover the entire programme portfolio. You can choose different selection criteria such as programme type, time frame, or scientific discipline. Likewise, the decision-making time can be looked up in each individual programme. The Dashboard also includes a separate menu option for gender data. Here you can find all the statistics broken down into the distribution between women and men—by including these data, the FWF wishes to help improve the monitoring of equal opportunities between the sexes in cutting-edge research.

The Dashboard will be updated regularly and extended to include further query options.

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