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Applications amounting to roughly EUR 114 million, and an approval rate of 27.3 percent

At the second FWF Board meeting in 2021, which took place from 10 to 11 May 2021, applications amounting to approximately EUR 31.3 million were approved out of a total volume of EUR 114.4 million, resulting in an approval rate of 27.3 percent across all programmes. Out of 369 submissions, a total of 106 excellent projects received FWF funding.

Board meeting details

Representing the “backbone” of FWF funding, stand-alone projects once again accounted for the bulk of approvals. Out of applications (including clinical research) amounting to a total of EUR 82.8 million, EUR 22.9 million were approved, which corresponds to an approval rate of 27.7 percent.

In the area of international programmes, which are implemented jointly with international partner funding organisations, the applications amounted to EUR 21.7 million, and it was possible to give conditional approval for EUR 5.2 million (approval rate 24.2%). In some cases, the decisions of the partner organisations are still awaited.

The career programmes play a central role in the FWF’s funding portfolio. In the “Schrödinger” outgoing programme, 38.2 percent of all submissions were successful, with approved funding totalling EUR 1.2 million. In the “Meitner” incoming programme, the approved amount was EUR 1.7 million, which corresponds to a success rate of 26.0 percent.

Quality, fairness, transparency

In addition to the highest scientific quality, internationality, and fairness, the FWF also subscribes to maximum transparency. All approved research projects are presented in detail on the FWF website. They can be found at: https://pf.fwf.ac.at/en/research-in-practice/project-finder

In addition, statistics are provided for each Board meeting: https://www.fwf.ac.at/en/about-the-fwf/funding-statistics

Funding amounts, approval rates, and gender distribution: the new FWF Dashboard

With the new Dashboard the Austrian Science Fund FWF has upgraded its website to include an improved overview of the long-term development and current status of its funding statistics. The Dashboard contains key figures on the entire funding portfolio, and trends over time are shown in easy-to-understand diagrams. The new feature provides you with the opportunity to get an overall statistical view of the impact and outcomes of the FWF’s funding activities. All data can be downloaded in accordance with the open data principle and be used for further analyses.
FWF Dashboard: dashboard.fwf.ac.at

FWF Board

The FWF Board consists of the executive board and the reporters of the FWF. The current term of office of the Board runs until October 2023. The FWF Board is responsible for deciding on funding for research projects. The members of the FWF Board can be found at: https://www.fwf.ac.at/en/about-the-fwf/organisation/board


Marc Seumenicht
Dep. Head of Communications, Spokesman
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