Applications from abroad

Target group
Outstanding scientists and researchers from all disciplines who are capable of making a contribution to the advancement in science at an Austrian research institution.

In order to be eligible to apply for grants in various FWF programmes, researchers must either have a contract of employment with an Austrian research institution or fulfill the requirements of the territoriality principle. These requirements are as follows:

Either the researcher’s main residence must have been in Austria for at least three of the past ten years at the time when the application is submitted, or the applicant must have been working continuously as a researcher in Austria for at least two consecutive years preceding the submission of the application.


  • If the principal investigator's salary is to be funded by the grant

    a) Where the territoriality principle is not fulfilled, the following programmes with an incoming researcher option are available:

    The ESPRIT Programme is addressed to highly qualified postdocs from all disciplines at the beginning of their academic career who wish to carry out an independent research project at an Austrian research institute.

    The objective of the START Programme is to ensure that highly promising young researchers (two to eight years after receiving their doctorate) have the means to plan their research on a long-term basis and with sufficient financial security. By assuming responsibility for the establishment/expansion and management of a research group, project leaders are able to gain the qualifications necessary for leading positions in science, especially as instructors at institutions of higher education in Austria or abroad.

    The purpose of the PEEK Programme is to fund high-quality, innovative arts-based research efforts in which artistic practice plays a key role.

    b) If the requirements of the territoriality principle are fulfilled, the applicants can submit proposals to all programmes where applications from independent researchers are accepted, and to all programmes that allow principal investigators to use grants to fund their own salaries (career development for women in research, Erwin Schrödinger Programme):

    The FWF defines an independent researcher as a principal investigator whose salary is to be paid partly or entirely from the funding provided for the project. Independent researchers can submit applications to the Stand-Alone Projects Programme, International Programmes, Special Research Programmes (SFBs), START Programme, Clinical Research (KLIF) Programme, and the Programme for Arts-Based Research (PEEK).
  • If the principal investigator's salary is to be funded by the research institution where the project will be carried out

    a) Researchers employed by an Austrian research institution:

    Researchers who have already received a binding offer of employment at an Austrian research institution are eligible to submit applications to all FWF funding programmes before they begin work at the institution. The application should be submitted at an early point in time so that the project can be launched when the researcher begins work at the relevant institution.

    b) Researchers who have a 25% part-time employment agreement with an Austrian research institution may be eligible to submit applications to the following programmes (after consulting the FWF):
    Stand-Alone Projects, KLIF, PEEK, International Programmes and SFBs.

    Potential applicants are considered eligible in cases where they have a genuine part-time contract of employment (extent of employment: at least 25%) which is not funded by the FWF and which is guaranteed for the planned duration of the project. Before submitting an application, researchers are required to submit evidence of such an employment arrangement and a brief description of the project, including a plan for its execution, information on the researcher's presence on site, rules of representation, etc., for approval by the FWF.
    Before submitting the application, researchers should contact the relevant specialist departments  within the FWF or the programme manager in charge.

With regard to FWF Doctoral Programmes (DKs), researchers should consult the relevant programme manager for specific rules.

In any case, applicants are advised to consult the FWF before submitting applications under the circumstances described above.