Initiation of international review

Applicants have the right to exclude up to three researchers or research groups from the review process. In close collaboration with the FWF Office, the reporters and alternates suggest appropriate expert reviewers from outside of Austria to the Executive Board according to the “many eyes” principle. In the selection of reviewers, due attention is paid to ensuring that there are neither real nor assumed negative or positive conflicts of interest. The criteria for the selection of international reviewers as well as the rules regarding conflicts of interest and the composition of expert juries and boards are discussed in the Appendix. The FWF Executive Board decides whether a review procedure is to be initiated and appoints reviewers on the basis of the recommendations of the reporters and/or alternates. This is an ongoing process, and it is not linked to specific meeting dates. Funding applications which are outside the scope of the FWF’s funding activities or which involve applicants who obviously do not possess the professional qualifications or research experience necessary to carry out the project are returned without the initiation of a review procedure. The same applies for funding applications which cannot be reviewed in their current form because they contain major errors unless these errors are corrected within a reasonable period of time (generally no more than three weeks). This rule applies for programmes without specific submission deadlines; for programmes with specific submission deadlines, applicants must correct the errors in their applications within 10 days of being notified of the errors. Decisions to return applications without review are taken by the Executive Board and require the consent of the FWF Board in order to take effect.