Minimum number of reviews

The number of reviews required before a positive decision2 can be taken depends primarily on the amount of funding requested and the type of funding programme in question:

  • Stand-Alone Projects/Arts-based research/Clinical research:
    Up to a requested funding amount of EUR 400,000 at least two reviews are required. An additional review is required for each additional EUR 200,000 requested.
  • Mobility and women's programmes: at least 2 reviews
  • SFB: depending on the size and thematic composition, 3 to 4 reviews for outline proposals and 5 to 6 for hearings
  • Doc.funds: at least 3
  • START/Wittgenstein: at least 3 reviews for START applications and at least 4 for Wittgenstein Award nominations.
  • Stand-Alone Publications: 1 to 2 reviews
  • The number of reviews required under all other programmes, such as commissioned programmes and international programmes, depends on the particular agreements in force for the programme. In all cases, however, at least 2 reviews are required.

The number of reviews required may be increased for applications that cover several fields of research.

2Rejections can be recommended on the basis of fewer reviews than would be required on the basis of the funding amount requested or funding programme for an approval if the review(s) received already clearly indicate that the application cannot be approved. In such cases, the consent of the Reporter, Alternate and Vice-President in charge of handling the application is required.