Eligible costs

Only "project-specific costs" may be requested, i.e. personnel and non-personnel costs that are essential to carry out the project and that go beyond the resources made available from the research institution’s so-called "infrastructure". The FWF does not finance infrastructure or basic equipment at research institutions.

The project-specific costs should be calculated in a reasonable manner and must not exceed any upper limits defined for particular funding programmes. Inadequate calculations of project costs may represent a reason for rejection, even where the application is considered excellent in scientific/scholarly terms.

Subject to the provisions of any possible future collective agreement for university employees, personnel costs for project employees should be based on the FWF’s salary scheme, which is updated annually. The salaries given in this scheme represent minimum levels; lower salaries are not permitted.

Funding for personnel costs may not be requested in the Joint Seminars Programme.

Applications from independent researchers
In cases where a researcher does not have a contract of employment with an Austrian research institution and has no regular income that is sufficient to cover his or her costs of living (subsistence level), he or she is eligible to request a salary for leading a research project. Such arrangements are possible in cases where the applicant’s main residence has been in Austria for at least three of the past ten years at the time when the application is submitted, or the applicant has been working continuously as a researcher in Austria for at least two consecutive years preceding the submission of the application. This restriction does not apply to

a) researchers who have received funding grants under the Lise Meitner programme and who submit funding applications for funding to continue their research in Austria following completion of their Meitner projects;

b) researchers who apply for funding under the Programme for Arts-based Research (PEEK) or the START programme;

c) researchers who will be employed (at least 50%) at an Austrian research institution for the planned duration of the project in question.

The FWF can only provide funding for the researcher's salary under the following conditions at the time when the funds are actually used:

a) The researcher must not have an existing contract of employment or any regular income exceeding the minimum living wage in Austria.

b) If the researcher is in part-time employment, the amount of the researcher's salary will be adapted to reflect his/her actual extent of employment in the FWF project.

c) Where researchers are self-employed at the time when the funds are used for their salary, the personnel costs or salary amount to be requested must not exceed 50% of the full rate for independent researchers.

Income resulting from lecture contracts is permitted up to the legally defined limit payable for work on an hourly basis.

Project-specific equipment costs
FWF grant recipients can receive funding for the acquisition of equipment required specifically for their FWF-funded projects. In this context, the term "equipment" refers to apparatus and instruments, system components, project-specific software and other durable goods where the acquisition cost per item exceeds the amount specified in Article 13 of the Austrian Income Tax Act (currently €400.00) and where more than 50% of the total costs of the item are covered using FWF funds.

In order to acquire project-specific equipment, the principal investigator in the FWF-funded project is to instruct his/her research institution to place the corresponding order and effect payment accordingly. Each item of equipment is to be recorded in inventory and the acquisition costs are to be reimbursed in accordance with the relevant agreement between the research institution and the FWF.

The programme-specific implementations of these equipment funding rules are defined in the corresponding application guidelines.