Eligible projects

Funding may be requested for research projects in any branch of science and the humanities. The goals, methods and in particular the hypotheses or research questions should be precisely described. Projects should be of limited duration and should be in the field of non-profit-oriented scientific research or non-profit oriented arts-based research (as defined in the Programme for Arts-Based Research). “Double funding” is not permitted: in other words, a project for which support is being requested may not receive full support from another funding source or from a different FWF programme. Applications that are essentially identical may not be submitted – either in the same programme or in different programmes – unless the specific application guidelines explicitly make an exception to this general rule.

The assessment of research proposals is based solely on internationally recognised quality criteria and on the importance of the proposed work for the potential gain in knowledge and the extension or deepening of our understanding of science or the arts. In the Programme for Arts-Based Research, the visibility of the work to a broader public (beyond the arts and academic communities) represents an additional criterion. Otherwise, any aspects of a project that go beyond basic research (results of relevance to society, to the environment or to the economy) should be mentioned, although they do not play a part in the assessment of whether the project should be funded.