Funding decisions

After completion of the review procedure, the FWF’s Board uses the results of the review to decide whether and to what extent projects should be funded. Applicants are informed in writing of the decisions taken by the FWF Board or juries.

If the decision is positive, a grant agreement will be issued. In all FWF grant agreements, the court of jurisdiction is located in Vienna, with the precise choice depending on which court is appropriate to the case. The agreement is not legally binding until a copy signed by the funding recipient has been received by the FWF.

In the case of programmes managed together with an international partner organisation (e.g. the ESF), the funding decision may be subject to particular requirements stipulated by the relevant international partner organisation.

Proposal bans: Depending on the result of the peer review, the resubmission of rejected applications may be blocked by the FWF Executive Board for up to 12 months.