Processing and review of applications

The FWF Office performs a formal check of applications. Applications that are incomplete or do not comply with the FWF’s regulations (in particular those which exceed the permitted length or do not comply with the formatting guidelines) will be returned to the applicants. Errors and problems are to be rectified by the applicants within a reasonable period of time (generally no more than 3 weeks). For programmes with announced deadlines, errors are to be corrected within no more than 10 days after receipt of notification from the FWF. If the applicant fails to do so, the FWF’s Executive Board will reject the application without review. Such applications may not be resubmitted unless they are substantially revised. Similarly, applications that have previously been rejected and are resubmitted without substantial revision will be rejected without review.

All applications that meet the formal criteria will be sent out for review to referees nominated by the FWF’s Executive Board. Referees based in Austria are chosen only in exceptional cases. The minimum number of reviews required before a funding decision can be reached depends on the requested level of funding and is set periodically by the FWF’s Executive Board.

Once the review procedure has begun, it is not possible to make changes to applications.

In the case of programmes managed together with one or more international partner organisations (such as the ESF or funding agencies outside of Austria),

  • the applications are processed and reviewed by the FWF or by the appropriate international partner organisations in coordination with the FWF;
  • the precise procedures and the minimum numbers of reviews required for funding decisions are defined in coordination with the appropriate international partner organisations;
  • referees may be nominated by the participating partner organisations.

Applications for Joint Seminars and within the GROW Programme are generally reviewed on the basis of comments submitted by FWF Board members.