Special rules for the Stand-Alone Publications programme

In the Stand-Alone Publications Programme, grants for production, translation and foreign-language editing costs are awarded (on the basis of a review procedure) for scholarly publications by authors who predominantly carry out their research in Austria or under the auspices of an Austrian research institution. Grants are also provided for the publication of a venia dissertation or a revised doctoral dissertation completed and approved under the auspices of an Austrian research institution in the three years prior to submission of the application to the FWF. Researchers who hold a professorship in another country are not eligible to apply for these grants. Publications by authors based outside of Austria are only funded in cases where the work arises from an FWF-funded research project. In this programme, the FWF awards lump-sum grants to cover the costs of production and simultaneous open-access publication in the FWF’s e-book library as well as the editing, foreign-language editing or translation of the publication. The peer review procedure is handled either by the FWF or by the publisher; in both cases, however, the FWF’s general principles apply to the review.