How many reviews are necessary?

The number of reviews necessary to reach a decision depends on the amount of funding or the funding programme, but at least two reviews are always needed for approval. Further information can be found in the programme information on the decision-making procedure.

Information on the decision-making procedure
(pdf, 248KB)

How long does it take before a decision can be reached on an application?

The review process usually takes five to six months in the Stand-Alone Projects Programme. It should be noted that experience shows that the average processing time increases proportionally with the number of reviews required (see also the application guidelines for the respective programme). The actual processing time generally depends on the quality of the academic abstract, the completeness of the application, and the availability of the experts who work on an honorary basis.

For programmes with special procedures and/or submission deadlines (e.g., SFB, Research Groups, Young Independent Researcher Groups, Start and Wittgenstein, Women’s Programmes, etc.), other processing times generally apply, depending on the procedure (further information can be found on the FWF website under the respective programme).

When is the next meeting of the FWF Board?

A schedule of the FWF Board meetings can be found in the FWF Overview of Calls.

What happens if your application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you can submit a revised application. In this case, the application is to be revised and/or updated accordingly in a one-step process on the basis of the reviewers’ comments. The resubmission must also include additional documents (an overview of changes, responses to reviews, etc.). The exact requirements can be found in the application guidelines (“Revising a rejected application”).

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