International Programmes

Joint Projects
Program goalfunding of closely integrated, bilateral research projects
Applicationdiffering deadlines depending on the country; in most cases parallel applications are necessary at FWF and at the respective partner agency
Durationmax. 3 or max. 4 years, depending on country
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Joint Seminars
Program goalthematically well defined seminars aimed at facilitating the initiation of bilateral research co-operations and the preparation of applications for Joint Projects
Applicationdiffering deadlines depending on the country; parallel applications must be submitted to FWF and the respective partner agency
Durationapprox. 2 - 3 days
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ERA-Net Calls
Program goal funding of European research co-operations on specific themes with partners from several countries. Projects are usually financed by the respective national funding agency.
Applicationusually at the co-ordination office of the respective ERA-Net, submitted by the project co-ordinator
Durationdiffers, in most cases up to 3 years
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current calls
ERA-Net Calls
GROW – Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide
Programme aim research stays of US doctoral candidates in Austria
Applicationfor doctoral candidates: at NSF; for Austrian hosts: at FWF
Duration10 - 12 months