Peer-Reviewed Publications

Target group
Project leaders and staff members in all FWF projects of any discipline

Grants to cover the costs of peer-reviewed publications that result from projects supported by the FWF, up to a limit of three years after conclusion of the project

For the following publishers, publication costs are transferred directly by the FWF with no charge payable by the authors (please click on the publisher’s name for more information):

In the case of publishing agreements, articles in which the FWF and the grant ID are mentioned should be identified by the publisher during the submission process and forwarded to the FWF for review of the guidelines for peer-reviewed publications (see application guidelines). For further information, see Austrian Academic Library Consortium (KEMÖ).

For all other peer-reviewed publications that meet the requirements for peer-reviewed publications, a PUR application can be submitted for reimbursement of the open access publication costs. See application guidelines.

Funding amounts
see application guidelines.

Accepted on a rolling basis

Grant decisions
by the FWF Board

Processing time
Approximately 4 to 8 weeks


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