Peer-Reviewed Publications

Target group
Project leaders and staff members in all FWF projects of any discipline

Grants to cover the costs of peer-reviewed publications that result from projects supported by the FWF, up to a limit of three years after conclusion of the project

For the following publishers, publication costs are transferred directly by the FWF with no charge payable by the authors (please click on the publisher’s name for more information):

In the case of publishing agreements, articles in which the FWF and the grant ID are mentioned should be identified by the publisher during the submission process and forwarded to the FWF for review of the guidelines for peer-reviewed publications (see application guidelines (pdf, 220KB)). In the case of BMC, please contact the FWF for the institutional membership code.

For all other publishers, the publication costs for immediate Open Access are remitted to the publishers by project leaders and then reimbursed to the project account by the FWF. In order to do so, the resources of all ongoing FWF projects can be used. If there is no ongoing FWF project, the research institutions should make an advance payment.

In any case, the FWF must be mentioned in the acknowledgements as follows: Austrian Science Fund (FWF): project number

Funding amounts

  • For projects approved after 1 November 2014, price caps apply (EUR 2,500.00 per publication for Gold Open Access and EUR 1,500.00 per publication for Hybrid Open Access). In addition, costs that are not related to open access (e.g., page charges, colour charges, submission fees, membership fees) are no longer eligible for funding, see application guidelines (pdf, 220KB).
  • For projects approved before 1 November 2014, please note the following: The fee per publication should not exceed € 3,000. In certain cases, exceptions may be made after consultation with the FWF.
  • For projects funded before 30 November 2011, up to EUR 8,000.00 can be granted for Open Access monographs, entire anthologies and proceedings. For later approved projects, see the Stand-Alone publications programme.

Accepted on a rolling basis

Grant decisions
by the FWF Board

Processing time
Approximately 4 to 8 weeks


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