Elise Richter PEEK

Please note that as of October 1, 2023, the application procedure for Elise Richter (incl. Elise Richter PEEK) projects will be changed from ad personam funding to funding via research institutions (PROFI), i.e. from § 26 to § 27 of the Austrian Universities Act (UG). Starting October 1, researchers will submit their applications to the FWF via their research institution. This means that you will need to select your affiliated research institution and assign it to the application on the FWF application portal elane. Content and requirements of the Elise Richter program remain unchanged. The new Application Guidelines for PROFI mode will be available online under “Application documents” in early June. The application process for any Elise Richter proposals that researchers want to submit under the current conditions (ad personam, § 26) must be completed on elane by September 30.

The FWF is planning to develop the Richter PEEK program further. Potential applicants will be informed about this at an early stage.

Target group
Highly qualified female arts-based researchers, who strive for a university career.


  • to support the academic career of highly qualified female arts-based researchers and to enhance their university career
  • after completion of the program a level of qualification should be accomplished which enables participants to apply for a local or abroad professorship. ("Habilitation" or equal qualification)


  • a minimum of 2 years of arts-based research experience in Austria or abroad
  • international arts-based research publications
  • preparatory work related to the proposed research project
  • no age limit
  • in contrast to the Elise Richter Programme, completion of a doctoral degree is not a prerequisite

12 to 48 months


  • Personnel costs according to the current senior postdoc rate
  • project specific costs up to 15,000.00 € per year

Via the FWF’s electronic application portal (elane).

  • accepted continuously (starting from 1 March, 2023), no application deadlines
  • in English


  • by the FWF Board based on an international review process.
    The review process is carried out with the involvement of the international PEEK Jury
  • generally in the June or November/December Board meeting

Applications (ad personam mode until September 30)

Applications (PROFI mode starting October 1, 2023)

Electronic application portal

In order to submit an Elise-Richter-PEEK application via elane, select  "Elise-Richter" in Application overview. In the form "Programme specific data" tick the box "Application for funding of a Elise Richter-PEEK-Position".