Stand-Alone Publications

Target group
Scientists/Scholars of any discipline

Promotion of stand-alone publications in order to make them available to a broader public. In addition to conventional publication forms (e.g. monographs, collections), the FWF also supports new formats such as apps, wiki-based publications, annotated scientific databases, web-based publications enriched with various media (e.g. audio, video, animation), etc.

Presentation of results of basic research of international relevance


  • Innovative publication formats: a lump-sum grant of up to EUR 50,000 as a subsidy for production costs including foreign-language editing or translation and open access publication

  • Conventional publication formats such as monographs and anthologies need to be applied for in modules

  • Modul_1: Basis: The FWF provides a lump-sum grant of up to EUR 10,000 for production costs, for simultaneous open access publication and for the editing in the mother tongue of the author

Modul_2 and Modul_3 can be applied for if needed:

  • Modul_2: Fremdsprachenlektorat_Übersetzung: instead of the editing in the mother tongue the FWF provides a lump-sum grant of up to EUR 4,000 for foreign-language editing or translation.

    Modul_3: Zusatzkosten: the FWF provides a lump-sum grant of up to EUR 4,000 for additional costs due to, e.g., a higher number of pages or an increase in expenses for layout and image rights. Surcharges have to be proven by a cost calculation.

Modul_4 is not to be applied for in the application but may be granted by the FWF board.

  • Modul_4: Gutachtenempfehlung: The FWF provides a lump-sum grant of up to EUR 8,000 in cases where the peer review process reveals that an English-language version would increase the visibility of the publication significantly. This amount is approved as an additional grant by the FWF, and the entire funding amount is subject to the requirement that the publication is then translated into English and at least a digital version of the English-language version is made available for open access archiving.

Accepted continuously, no application deadline

By the FWF Board based on an international review process

Processing time
Approx.4-6 months (or 2 months for applications involving FWF-certified publishers)

Doris Haslinger
Sabina Abdel-Kader