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The FWF makes every effort to provide tailored support for all of its potential clients. For this purpose, it is essential to provide comprehensive information on an ongoing basis, be it about changes in funding conditions, research policy requirements and budget changes, changes in the FWF's programme portfolio or its procedures and rules due to new developments. The FWF's information events for and with researchers are the most direct and interactive means by which the FWF can communicate this information to potential applicants.

Due to increasing demand, the FWF now offers a variety of information events for different target groups.

Our General Information Events, which are offered free of charge for an unlimited number of participants, provide a comprehensive overview of the FWF, its position in the science and research system and funding landscape, as well as its programmes and procedures.

The FWF's one-day Coaching Workshops, on the other hand, are open to a maximum of 20 participants and provide them with more in-depth knowledge of the FWF "research funding”. Through interactive exercises based on practical examples, participants gain a clear picture of the general framework and procedures involved in the FWF's work, details on the application process, review procedure and decision-making processes, as well as information on project execution. As a prerequisite, participants should already have a basic knowledge of the FWF and its work (e.g. by attending a general FWF information event). These workshops are designed for potential applicants who are already developing specific ideas for a grant application.

The FWF also holds tailored workshops for female applicants, which include the above-mentioned information as well as specific details on the FWF's career development program for women in science and research. In addition, these workshops are designed to create a separate space for the exchange of information and experiences among female researchers.

Upon request, coaching workshops can also be designed and held for specific target groups ("special workshops"). These workshops focus on one specific part of the FWF's funding portfolios.

For further information, please refer to the pages for specific workshop types.

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