General Information Events

These well-known, "classic" information events are held by the FWF in cooperation with the research support units (or analogous service departments) at universities; the event dates are generally agreed upon and announced a full year in advance.

These information sessions are intended for all researchers interested in basic research and FWF funding regardless of their specific field of research or career stage. The number of participants is generally not limited; these events are usually held for groups of 40 to 50 or more. The FWF offers these sessions free of charge.

FWF information events comprise presentations by FWF experts as well as discussions and, if necessary, question-and-answer sessions in small groups or one-on-one discussions following the more general part of the information session. These sessions provide a rather general overview of the FWF, its positioning in the science and research system and funding landscape, and its programmes and procedures. The events are designed to give participants an initial idea of whether the FWF might be a potential source of funding for their research projects and which parts of the FWF funding portfolio might be of use to them.

At the same time, the presentations are intended to debunk a number of myths and misconceptions and to demystify the FWF and its practices, as rumours of various types and origins may paint a distorted picture of the organisation. Depending on the specific interests of the host institution, these information sessions can focus on various areas, meaning that their length may vary considerably (usually one to four hours). The host institution bears the costs of organising the event on site, including any catering costs (buffet, etc.).