Andreas Dür

Gemma Mateo

Research Area
Political Science

Research Institution
University of Salzburg

Academic Position
Professor, Senior Postdoc

Important Grants or Merits
Dür: Kurt Zopf Award 2011, Mateo: Lise Meitner Scholarship by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

As Open Access journals do not yet play a major role in political science, we use our web pages and paper repositories to present our publications to a larger audience. For us, the resulting Open Access to our research output has several advantages:

First, it allows us to by-pass the often long waiting periods from submission, to acceptance of the manuscript to final publication. Despite "online first" systems, it often takes a year from acceptance by a journal to publication. By contrast, on our web pages publications are immediately accessible.

Second, we can reach an audience via web pages that often does not have access to scholarly journals. Finally, on web pages we can present additional information (such as questionnaires or descriptive statistics) that complements our publications. For the scientific community, Open Access allows for a more rapid diffusion of research results and helps avoid a situation in which the increasing costs for journal subscriptions prevent many researchers from having access to current research.

Many of these positive effects of open access could be achieved by a small change in the existing system: if all publishers would allow authors to publish the final versions of their articles on their webpages.